How to Ensure A Safe Workplace Amidst Covid-19?

Covid-19 is a respiratory disease caused by an enveloped RNA virus called the corona virus. It is a very contagious disease that can spread through person to person contact through respiratory droplets when sneezing, coughing and also talking, it can even sustain on surfaces leading to acquiring of the virus from the surface.

Due to the quick spread of this disease among public it is advised that everyone restrict social contact as much as possible. Although working at home online is preferred there may be situations where this can’t be implemented, therefore maximum safety measures have to be taken at the workplace in order to ensure healthy and safe work environment

Have clean work place

This is very important as mentioned earlier this virus can survive on surfaces and anyone that touches this surface and touches their eyes, nose or mouth there is a chance that they may develop it therefore disinfect the surfaces like desks, keyboards, telephone regularly and each individual should also make sure that they disinfect stuff that they touch often like the mobile phone.

Hand washing

Proper hand washing is vital and you should encourage this among the employees and customers. Hang up posters and door stickers and reinforce this message. Handwashing should be done with soap and water, this is the most effective way of eliminating the virus from the hand, since coronavirus is an enveloped virus made of lipids, their covering is disrupted with soap, which is why washing with soap is preferred and have sanitizers mounted around the office so that the workers and customers can easily access to sanitize the hands. Check the dispensers and refill them when necessary.

Ventilate the area

The spread of this disease is very high in less ventilated area and compact spaces, therefore make sure the office is very well ventilated and limit physical interaction with other workers as much as possible, place the work stations at a distance.

Respiratory hygiene

Since this is a disease spread via respiratory droplets, practicing respiratory hygiene is emphasized. Encourage the workers to wear mask and display posters that shows the proper adorning of the mask. Some people wear masks to only cover the mouth and some other only wear it on the chin which is very wrong.

When wearing mask, the mask should enclose the nose, mouth and chin, and mask should not be touched often. When removing masks, it should be done by removing the elastic off the ear and disposing it properly and hands should be washed thoroughly afterwards.

Sick employees

Educate the employees on the signs and symptoms and advise them that if they are feeling unwell to remain home.


Initially consider the option of holding the meeting online, organize a face-to-face meeting only if that option is not possible. When holding a meeting follow the same steps that is advising those attending to wear a mask, and when arranging the place make sure there is a gap and have a hand sanitizer at the entrance so they are able to sanitize the hand before entering and check temperature before allowing into the meeting.

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