Signs That You Might Need Dental Implants

Missing a tooth or more not only affects one’s smile. It also causes other problems such as bone deterioration on the site of a missing tooth, lesser enjoyment when eating, saggy cheeks, and more. For some people, losing teeth can be a huge problem especially when they don’t have many ideas on the different tooth replacement procedures. Aside from artificial dentures, there is another procedure that is more convenient and efficient in replacing lost teeth – dental implants.

There are several factors that make a patient eligible for dental implants. Read along to know more about whether you need dental implants as a tooth replacement remedy.

Dentures Don’t Fit

While dentures are an affordable option in replacing lost teeth, there are some cases when the dentures don’t fit well depending on the patient’s gum structure. It would be uncomfortable or even painful when wearing dentures that don’t fit well. If this is the case, patients are suggested to get a dental implant instead. It could cost more than removable dentures but the price is worth the convenience and comfort you could have. If you’re searching for quality dental implants Sydney has some good clinics you could visit.

Signs of Jawbone Deterioration

The jawbone needs constant stimulation from the teeth to maintain its form. However, when you lose a tooth, that part will start to deteriorate later on because it doesn’t receive the right pressure and stimulation it has before. Dental implants have posts embedded into the patient’s jawbone which replaces the natural tooth structure. It functions and looks like natural teeth, helping prevent bone deterioration by providing stimulus on that area.

Sunk-In Cheeks

Another way dental implants can benefit patients is when their cheeks appear to be sunken in due to missing teeth. This sunk-in appearance is caused by bone loss through deterioration. Artificial dentures can’t prevent the deterioration process since it doesn’t reach deep down into the jawbone structure. Dental implants can instantly give the face a lift. Since it looks and feels like natural teeth, it also improves a patient’s chewing and speaking ability unlike with dentures wherein there are considerations when it comes to food you can eat.

Presence of Infection

There are some cases when infection can’t be prevented. It could be caused by a lot of factors such as injury, periodontal disease, and more. When the infection worsens, it can damage the whole structure of the affected tooth and needs to be removed to prevent it from spreading to the nearby teeth as well. With this, a patient could benefit from a dental implant. It prevents the infection from getting worse plus saves the patient from the pain of an untreated infection.

It normally takes some time to get results from dental implants since the whole procedure is not a one-day process. However, when it is done, you could experience a lot of benefits from it including better eating and talking. If you have one or more of the signs mentioned above, consult your dentist and ask if dental implants are the best solution for you.

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