Say No To Hypertension – 4 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure Levels Without Medication

High blood pressure is a very severe condition. It can cause negative impacts on your heart resulting in you getting heart disease or stroke if not kept in control. Therefore, you must take the necessary actions to protect yourself from high blood pressure.

We got you covered with some methods that you can start practicing in order to keep hypertension at bay even without any medications.

1. Start exercising

If you are someone with high blood pressure and you are not exercising, you are doing it wrong. Exercising and keeping yourself active have several benefits for your health out of which keeping blood pressure at controlled levels is one of them.

Running for about 60 minutes or at least walking for at least 30 minutes can improve your heart health and lower your blood pressure to a great extent.

In addition, if you are quite overweight at the same time, exercising can aid you in losing that extra weight as well.

2. Reduce your consumption of sodium

Eating salty food in excess is a huge no for someone with high blood pressure. This is simply because intaking high amounts of salt can affect the heart and thereby cause a stroke.

Hence, consider reducing the amount of salt you regularly add to your food or do not add salt at all and substituteit with herbs or spices to give rise to a flavor in your food. Moreover, consume less processed food as they naturally contain a small amount of sodium.

You can also replace sodium with potassium which has the ability to calm down the tension in your blood vessels. Potassium can be found in low-fat dairy products like yogurt, in vegetables such as potatoes, in fruits like bananas, and in fish that are easily available in grocery stores and supermarkets.

3. Control your caffeine intake

Consuming caffeine on a regular basis has the probability of increasing your blood pressure. So, try to cut down caffeine consumption completely or at least have them in controlled quantities.

Instead, you can try consuming caffeine-free teas or herbal teas that can also benefit you with other health aspects apart from lowering your blood pressure.

If you are looking for any specific herbal tea that can help with controlling blood pressure, buy hibiscus tea. It is one of the well-known teas for lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease. It carries other health benefits too.

4. Stay away from stress

Stress is another factor that can contribute to high blood pressure due to the unnecessary tension you may put into your head. It is also not right to engage in smoking, drink alcohol, or eat unhealthy food as a means of getting rid of stress. This is because they can alleviate your blood pressure levels even more.

Take some time to sort out your issues by coming up with plans to resolve them. If you are trying to take a break from all the stress for a while, listen to relaxing music or engage in activities that you enjoy doing the most. By doing so, you can reduce your stress and thereby keep your blood pressure in lower amounts too.

These are some best tips you can follow at home to keep your blood pressure levels controlled. However, these tips alone may not work for you. So, consult a doctor and get medications if necessary.

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